Frankincense and coffee

🌳Frankincense is a tree sap that gives a sweet pine-like aroma when heated. It’s been used since ancient times to heighten spirituality✨, to cleanse a room🧹, and to ward off bad spirits.👻

Frankincense helps mental clarity🙋, relaxation🧘🏾 and is anti-fungal🌞. The special smell comes from special molecules⚛. Research has shown that it may help with pain relief, depression and anxiety.

Frankincense is often part of a coffee ceremony. An invitation to attend one considered a mark of friendship or respect and is an excellent example of Ethiopian hospitality.

Woman in traditional dress pouring coffee

Selam is an Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant. Join us at 812 Bloor St W in Toronto. We’re a 4 min walk east of Ossington Subway/Green P. 416-915-7225