Organic coffee

Try your hand at home-roasting your own coffee! All coffee beans start out green-ish and are later roasted to an internal temperature sufficient to kill organic matter. Green beans stay fresh for typically 6 months. They should be kept away from heat, moisture and sunlight to extend shelf life.

Beans are at their most flavourful only within a week of their roasting. For the best coffee, check out how to roast your own fresh beans. Forget about past its prime coffee shop or grocery store stuff.

Ethiopian coffee beans from Yirgacheffe and other regions are available across the street.

We’re an Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant at 812 Bloor St. That’s a 4 min walk east of Ossington Subway/Green P.

Enjoy a coffee ceremony at Selam

Two woman with frankincense

A coffee ceremony brings relatives, neighbours and visitors together in Eritrea and Ethiopia. It’s a mark of great respect to be invited.

Green coffee beans are first roasted over an open flame in a pan then ground, boiled in a clay jebena jug, put through a sieve, and then served. Popcorn is offered as a snack. Traditionally loose grass is spread on the area where the coffee ceremony is held but we use a round grass plate.

We usually serve coffee from yirgacheffe. It’s not like other coffees. It has a distinctively fruity flavour profile and a bright, floral aroma. It is consistently ranks among the best coffee in the world, and certainly the among the best in Ethiopia itself. It’s widely considered to be from the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia is the motherland of all Arabica coffee. When coffee was taken to other countries, people had to find ways to adapt it to the local climate. That’s Arabica coffee grows best in places that have climates similar to that of Ethiopia: mountainous, tropical, with moderate wet and dry seasons.

Selam is an Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant. Join us at 812 Bloor St W in Toronto. We’re a 4 min walk east of Ossington Subway/Green P. 416-915-7225